Making The Most
   of Your Listing 
  • How can I market this property to its full potential so it stands out from the others? 

  • You want your images to be properly exposed, vertical lines straight, and inviting images with accurate color representation.

  • You also want to capture those views.






Clients trust you to represent their property and interests, quality images will make the most of your listing or vacation rental and draw in prospective buyers and vacationers seeking that long awaited Florida Keys getaway. 

Getting Your Home and Property Ready to Photograph


The name of the game is DECLUTTER! Remember Less Is More. We are after that open spacious look because it will photograph best. Clean the entire home, in the kitchen put away all food, containers, cooking related items left out on the counters and dish strainers, put away anything you don't want to see in the photo. Clean windows, sliders, mirrors and major appliances. Sweep or vacuum the floors, bedrooms, baths, and laundry rooms. Don't leave clutter around, make the beds, put dirty clothes away and bathrobes hanging on door hooks, don't leave wet towels hanging in the bathroom or over shower curtains, put away toiletries so they aren't in the photos, remove bathroom trash cans and especially that toilet cleaning brush, and remember to put the seat cover down, straighten up office desks and or writing tables. Take out the trash and remove trash bin if its in plain sight in the kitchen, if you have pets pick up their toys, beds and food bowls, move cat litter boxes out of sight, etc... Turn off television and ceiling fans, turn on all lighting fixtures, replace burned out light bulbs. Straighten living and dining room furniture, rugs, and fluff couch pillows, straighten all wall hangings, paintings, and photographs. 



Do yard maintenance and make sure the yard is in order, pick up fallen limbs or tree branches, make sure yard is blown out if you have trees that drop a lot of leaves, sweep driveways, walkways, and patios. Clean pool  and remove leaves that may have fallen into the pool, put away pool toys and clean up around pool area or hot tub, turn on hot tub and remove cover, hide trash containers and bins, roll up garden hoses that might be laying across the yard, pick up children's toys or your toys. Make sure fish cleaning tables are clean and clear of trash.  If you have a tiki hut clean and straighten it up as well. Open patio/table umbrellas and set out the couch cushions if you have outdoor furniture. Clean grill and surrounding area and remove grill cover. Remove boats and trailers if stored in the yard.